6000 Series

The 6000 Series, the original Datasym Hybrid POS System were built on a solid foundation of several years experience in the POS industry. Conceived and advanced from the original board developed in 1984. The 6000 Series Hybrid POS System delivers the powerful, flexible functionality of a PC with the rugged durability of a cash register. The 6000 Series Hybrid POS system can be utilized as a powerful stand alone unit giving you the sales information and reports you require, or integrate it with our outstanding software for extensive, customized, detailed reporting. Business growing, no problem…upgrading is simple and cost effective! The choice is yours and the options unlimited.

Although the Datasym 6000 Series Hybrid POS Systems share many of the same features, some are unique to the specified series. All 6000 Series have customized data collection ability.

6000 VG Series

  • WIC Sales
  • Cashier Productivity
  • Credit/Debit/EBT/EFT
  • RF Handheld Scanner

6000 FF Series

  • Kitchen Printing with 4/8.port multi-plexors and main
  • Flat Keyboard with cover
  • Ability to connect to third. party monitor system
  • Quick-Service Design
  • Drive-Thru capability
  • Ability to create pre-paid. food cards
  • Keyboard Levels

The Datasym 6000 Series Hybrid POS System, affordably priced with maximum functionality! Datasym POS, at your service, call 1-519-512-9955 or email at contactus@datasym.com for more information.

6000 Series Brochure (PDF)

6000 Series Fast Food Product Information Sheet (PDF)

6000 Series Basic Product Information Sheet (PDF)

6000 Series Enhanced Retail/Grocery Product Information Sheet (PDF)